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My Mission Is To Make Grandview C-4 A Strong, Visionary District Through A Program Of:

  • Accountability
  • Openness
  • Community Engagement

Here are the key issues I see in this year’s school board election.


Our school district is entering  a challenging transition period where opportunity looms.

Accountability should be based on outcomes, which means we must be clear about what outcomes we want, i.e., goals.

Our district should be accountable for the number of students who graduate, go to college, enroll in trade school, or enter the work force.

Our district mission statement clearly gives us guidelines to these goals:

  • Grandview C-4 will maximize academic achievement
  • Grandview C-4 will maximize personal development
  • By improving teaching, learning, and relationships for all.

Yet, these goals are very general.  Specifically, we should endeavor to achieve the
"Greater Student Success" which addresses academic achievement and personal development synergistically.  Specifically, asking the question "How do we motivate" our students to achieve higher graduation rates and grade point averages?

THE MSHSAA (Missouri State High School Activities Association) radio commercials espouses:

Athletics in Missouri utilizes 2% of budgets that generates personal development benefits beyond competition:
  • Greater achievement in the class room
  • Respect for rules
  • Tolerance
  • Self Discipline
  • Importance of Community Service
  • Drive
  • Character Development
  • Cooperation

These same benefits could be said of competition in the arts and academics--marching band, jazz concert, Math Quizzes, Bridge Building and Robotics.

The testimony of the MSHSAA (Missouri State High School Activities Association) radio commercials is that when students are involved with school sponsored extra-curricular activities; it leads students to a better connection to the school community and leads to better academic achievement/success.

"Greater Student Success" asks that we educate students to follow their dreams, passions and goals through "academic achievement" and "personal development" characteristics.

Our district should be accountable for financial performance:

  • Our district has reallocated funds for five years-it is becoming increasing difficult to identify areas for savings
  • We need to look to aggressive efforts to increasing private funds (Corporate Sponsorships, Private Grants and additional fund raising through extra curricular activities--Athletics, etc)

My experience with budget processes; offers enhancement to the school board to adopt mentality “What gets measured, gets improved”.


Fifteen years of running a successful company have taught me that to have true accountability, you must also have openness (also known as transparency).

Performance numbers, including student outcomes and financial performance, must be made public, or accountability is too easy to avoid.

Our district can raise its level of openness in ways ranging from:
  • publishing an annual report,
  • to publishing a clear district scorecard
  • to providing online video of school board meetings
  • to providing online video of the superintendent’s evaluation criteria; for example the community input meeting on long range planning for Achievement, Finances & Facilities

Our district should be surveying parent and teacher satisfaction annually, and it should make the survey results public.

Community Engagement:

Grandview has become a culturally diverse community. In our governing values we express this as a strength. 

  • We should invite those who are sending their children to private schools to interview the C-4 Grandview School District as a first choice.
  • We should communicate in concerted efforts with the mayor, city council and chamber of commerce the "New Grandview".
  • We need to look to alliances with the business community through discussions at town meetings, coffee meetings, focus groups, satisfaction surveys, blogs, Facebook and other means of engaging the community.  We all are "invested and vested".  We are family.  We are brothers and sisters in the same family.  We belong together.  We are not mutually exclusive.
  • Develop "Internship" programs with the business community that tap into career development aspirations for "Greater Student Success".
  • We should develop a "New Connection" to our alumni to get them involved in the "Greater Student Success".

The question should be asked: “If I am a resident in the Grandview C-4 school district;  Would I send my children to the Grandview schools as the first choice?”

Will Honeywell employees build housing and send their children to our schools?

Quite frankly, we are better than perception gives us credit. 

We know it; Let's tell our story. Let us be proud to be a Grandview C-4 Bulldog!!!

I ask for your vote and your support so that I can work to make a difference bringing our district to world-class status for all students.

Please be sure to vote on April 2 at the municipal election!

Paid for by Larry W. Lewis for school board


Greater Student Success
Through Accountability,Openness and Community Engagement