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Larry W. Lewis, candidate, for Grandview C-4 school district board who offers leadership  through a "FRESH VOICE", resulting in "STRONG RESULTS".  I am an independent/ critical thinker, and outcomes-focused. As a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry and business owner, I have gained experience in strategic thinking and the ability to focus on the comprehensive needs of the entire organization.

My wife, Bernadette, is currently president of the Martin City PTA; engaging her gift of fund-raising and Manager of Enterprise Operations for a Fortune 500 company.

We are the proud parents of Brennan, a sophomore at Grandview High School and Anneka, our 7th grade daughter at Martin City Middle School, both who are working toward "Greater Student Success". In addition, we have a daughter who teaches 8th grade social studies in Texas and will be receiving her Master Degree in Counseling and a son in California who is involved in real estate management.

I’m a 17-year Grandview School District resident, 15-year business owner, engaging in proprietor "MENTOR" programs to pharmaceutical industry through business financial plans and the  "Legendary Customer Service" workshops.

I’m running for school board because I think we have both the opportunity and the obligation to make Grandview C-4 schools better.

Our school district is entering  a challenging transition period where opportunity looms.

Our school system is the bedrock of our community. I am passionate about bringing people together to plug into solutions that will strengthen our school system and improve opportunity for all children, because our community’s well being – our region’s prosperity – depends upon this.

As an advocate for public education, I have worked collaboratively with people of many different backgrounds and worldviews. I have brought people around the table to find common ground and take action together on solutions. I believe that I can make a greater difference by bringing this approach to the school board.

I am committed to listening first, to leading thoughtfully and respectfully, and to building strong partnerships to find the best solutions for our children and C-4 Grandview school district.

My goal is to make Grandview C-4 a strong, visionary district through a program of:

  • Accountability
  • Openness
  • Community Engagement

The question should be asked: “If I am a resident in the Grandview C-4 school district;  Would I send my children to the Grandview schools as the first choice?”

Will Honeywell employees build housing and send their children to our schools?

I invite you to review the "PLATFORM" section of this website where I have discussed my views of the key issues in this year’s school board election.

Why Voting for me Means a Better School Board and Better Schools:

Before I decided to run for school board, I attended as many open school board meeting as I could.  I wanted to see whether the issues I cared about were already being addressed or whether there really was a good reason to run. Here’s what I found:

Student success is becoming evident.  I would like to join the school board to striving toward "Greater Student Success". 

I am deeply committed to public schools and to educational excellence. You will not find any other school board candidate–past, present, or future–as passionate about ensuring “educational excellence” is measured and reported in meaningful ways, about holding the district accountable for student results, and about seeing that results are communicated to the public without bias or spin.

I ask you for your vote and your support so that I can work to make a difference bringing our district to world-class status for all students.

Please be sure to vote on April 2 at the municipal election!

Paid for by Larry W. Lewis for school board


Greater Student Success
Through Accountability,Openness and Community Engagement